Zero alloc pathfinding in Go

Embracing the importance of optimizations.

Generations-based array

A faster sparse-dense array, but without iteration.

A simpler scheme than SSA

How to perform peephole optimizations without SSA.

Profile-guided code search

Filtering gogrep results using the CPU profiles to find hot path matches.

A single point of exit

A better way to write your main() function.

ruleguard rules package management

A quick intro into the ruleguard rules packaging.

YAML is your JSON5

Let me tell you about the YAML5 idea.

Calling Go funcs from asm and JITed code

Learn how to avoid fatal errors when calling Go functions from the asm code.

gogrep: structural search and replace

Learn how to use gogrep from the command line and VS Code.

Let's Go write Pratt parsers!

Learn how to write Pratt parsers in Go.