Go AVX-512 support

About this document

This article is going to be up-to-date source of AVX-512 information in Go context.
It references other posts, official documentation and other useful resources.

It’s short. By purpose.
Only English content is referenced (original + translated).


  • AVX-512 support in Go assembler: short reference that focuses on Go-specific implementation of AVX-512. It describes how to use all AVX-512 special features in Go assembly syntax as well as some encoder details. Contains some examples.

  • Disassembling Go AVX-512: how to disassemble and inspect AVX-512 machine code (given that go tool objdump can’t do it).

  • Hardware counters collector: a program that runs all supported AVX-512 instructions on your machine and records turbo state perf events. There are pre-built example tables like avx512_core_i9_7900x.csv.