Zero alloc pathfinding in Go

Embracing the importance of optimizations.

Generations-based array

A faster sparse-dense array, but without iteration.

A simpler scheme than SSA

How to perform peephole optimizations without SSA.

Profile-guided code search

Filtering gogrep results using the CPU profiles to find hot path matches.

ruleguard rules package management

A quick intro into the ruleguard rules packaging.

Calling Go funcs from asm and JITed code

Learn how to avoid fatal errors when calling Go functions from the asm code.

gogrep: structural search and replace

Learn how to use gogrep from the command line and VS Code.

Let's Go write Pratt parsers!

Learn how to write Pratt parsers in Go.

ruleguard: dynamic inspection rules for Go

New CodeQL-Like Analyzer for Go.

Step driven evaluation

A pattern for writing multi-step programs.